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Strange and Wonderful
Things: A Collection
Of Ghost Stories with
Special Appearances by
Witches and Other
Bizarre Creatures

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Ghosts, Spirits and
Angels: True Tales from
Kentucky and Beyond

Haunted Battlefields of
The South: True Tales of
Civil War Ghosts in
Kentucky, Tennessee And Other Locations.

How to make Southwest
Jewelery in Wood
Shaker Ghost Stories Fog Swirler
Strange and Wonderful Things Haunted Battlefields of the South
Ghosts, Spirits and Angels How to Make Southwest Jewelery in Wood
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I am available for work with individuals or groups as an art therapist and counselor. I use my creative talents to inspire creative emotional expression in children and adults. I do workshops with mental health professionals. My main interest is in combing visual art with expressive writing.
I earned my Masters Degree in Expressive Therapies at the University of Louisville in 2003. From 2003 to 2007 I worked in several Catholic schools as a counselor. I conducted workshops at the Family Counseling Center and professional development at Flaget Center. I was certified as a trainer in teaching the Good Touch/Bad Touch program. I am a member of the Kentucky Art Therapy Association. I am a Registered Art Therapist, Board Certified (ATR-BC) and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPCC). I currently offer private practice art and other expressive therapies (such as writing and narrative therapy).

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Shaker Ghost Stories Fog Swirler
Strange and Wonderful Things