These are the dozen fiction ghost stories found in the print book and divided into four tales on each CD. Available individually or as a set, the story titles are:
Part I—Fog Swirler, Sunspots, Roadcut, Mexican Vacation.
Part II—Hotbox, Unclaimed Luggage, Dare Gone Bad, Strawberry Picking
Part III—Sum of the Parts, Ghost Dog, The Neighbor, Final Arrangements
As a storyteller I enjoy crafting the perfect circumstances to unfold each mystery. My stories create suspense, a weaving of the unusual and a surprise effect to complete each very realistic tale. As a collector of true ghost stories I can better craft what I call “fiction that falls not far from fact”.
Fog Swirler, Part I Audio Book on CD $15 each
Running time: 65 minutes
Fog Swirler, Part II Audio Book on CD $15 each
Running time: 64 minutes, 2 seconds
Fog Swirler, Part III Audio Book on CD $15 each
Running time: 69 minutes, 27 seconds
Complete set of three costs $35
Copyright (c) 2009 Thomas L. Freese