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Strange and Wonderful
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Of Ghost Stories with
Special Appearances by
Witches and Other
Bizarre Creatures

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Ghosts, Spirits and
Angels: True Tales from
Kentucky and Beyond

Haunted Battlefields of
The South: True Tales of
Civil War Ghosts in
Kentucky, Tennessee And Other Locations.

How to make Southwest
Jewelery in Wood
Shaker Ghost Stories Fog Swirler
Strange and Wonderful Things Haunted Battlefields of the South
Ghosts, Spirits and Angels How to Make Southwest Jewelery in Wood
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I am a self-taught artist who has also studied at McNay Art Institute, The Southwest Craft Center, the University of New Mexico and the University of Louisville.
I have made stain glass, pottery, wood and stone jewelry, calligraphy, folk art and painting. I created a line of wooden jewelry with over 100 designs made into pins, earrings and bolo ties. In addition to crafting jewelry in wood I also work with bone, stone, shell and antler. My jewelry is available and I have written How to Make Southwest Jewelry in Wood. I illustrated several books including Sometimes Life Ain’t Sweet, You Know and I took photographs for Shaker Ghosts, Strange and Wonderful Things, and Ghosts, Spirits and Angels.

Custom made designs on request. Check to verify painted versus woodburned. Click the images below to view them in full size pages for pricing.
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Shaker Ghost Stories Fog Swirler
Strange and Wonderful Things