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Ghosts, Spirits and
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Haunted Battlefields of
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How to make Southwest
Jewelery in Wood
Shaker Ghost Stories Fog Swirler
Strange and Wonderful Things Haunted Battlefields of the South
Ghosts, Spirits and Angels How to Make Southwest Jewelery in Wood
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One of my favorite jobs is working at schools as a visiting artist or storyteller. I work in Kentucky schools for whichever length of visit or residency the school would like. I might be a storyteller for a few hours or in another school I may be an artist in residence for four weeks. I am available year-round to work with students and inspire their creativity. Options include storytelling, literary arts, visual arts or a combination of those elements. Children are excited to hear first-hand about how a writer gets published and how a visual artist makes and markets their work. I work will all ages, pre-school to teen and adult.

Here is what teacher and librarians say about my school visits:

"The kids loved your author visit and so did I! I had to finish reading the Hotbox story to them."
Carolyn Gnau, Third Grade Teacher St. Margaret Mary, Louisville

"By the way, the children ask for your book.  A few remember your name, but many just say "the spooky storytelling man from last year," and I know they mean you.  Your Shaker ghost experiences book is a popular checkout item."

"THANK YOU!!!!  Your activity with the kids yesterday was wonderful and so popular with all.  Everyone had such fun with the origami and cards. I look forward to your next storytelling program and future times when you will be our guest."
Dawn Privett, Children’s Librarian, Paris/Bourbon County Library

"It was our pleasure to have you tell stories for our students.  The kids LOVED it.  We'd like to have you back with us sometime.  Thanks for your high energy and positive spirit."
Susan French, Principal, Field Elementary School, Louisville

Sample Visual and/or Literary Arts Residencies or Workshops
Here are some of the subject areas in which I’ve taught as a visiting, professional artist:

Paper engineering—Constructing origami, pop-up cards or nesting box sets

Mexican folk art crafts

Rubber stamp carving

Hand printed T-shirts

How to Tell a Story

How to Make a Board Game

Fun with Guitar and Song

Learning Spanish

Thomas Freese with 5th grade students teaching rubber stamp carving & printing
The whole class wears the designs each student drew, carved & printed
Copyright (c) 2009 Thomas L. Freese
Audio Available
Shaker Ghost Stories Fog Swirler
Strange and Wonderful Things